A Good Way of Self-introspection and Its Benefits

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How do you do a self-introspection on yourself and what are the benefits? This post will explain all of these things for you.

Rather than spending time alone watching dramas or lying down all day, doing introspection is one of the more rewarding things for you to do. This is also one of many positive lifestyle tips to help yourself be better. The meaning of self-introspection is the act of looking back at the things that have been done, both positive and negative things.

The Benefits of Introspection

As said before, doing self-introspection actually has many benefits. Some of you maybe you don’t know it yet. The benefits of this activity are as follows:

Reduces anxiety 
Doing introspection will make you calmer, because you will be able to think more efficiently about the regrets and mistakes you have done in the past. You can also plan things you can do to make up for these mistakes.

Increase self-confidence 
Another positive thing that self-introspection can provide is to increase your self-confidence. This is because you clearly know the strengths and weaknesses that you have through this self-introspection.

Cultivate empathy 
With self-introspection, you will also be able to build a sense of empathy for other people, because you have learned a lot about mistakes and regrets that occur in the back. 

Come up with a lot of new ideas
Self-introspection is the same as evaluating an action. So that through this evaluation a new idea or idea can be born that helps you develop.

Make you happier by your own standards . By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to set your own standards of happiness without being influenced by others. 

How to Self-Introspect Based on Psychology

How to Self-Introspect Based on Psychology
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If you have read all the benefits mentioned above, what do you think? Are you interested in starting this self-introspection ?.

If you are interested in doing this self-introspection, there are ways you can do it based on psychology. Here are the two methods and also the explanation.

1. Self Reflection

The first way of self-reflection is to do self-reflection. If defined simply, this reflection can be described as a way of self-introspection that is done by remembering and appreciating the actions that have been done before.

This reflection can make the person who did it more receptive to regret and also learn from past mistakes. Not only that, this positive introspection can form a better person and be well aware of his strengths and weaknesses.

2. Self Rumination

For self-reflection, maybe some of you have heard of it. But the term Self Rumination is certainly quite foreign to you. 

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If self-reflection is a positive type of self-introspection, self-rumination is the opposite. This self-rumination is the act of remembering and exaggerating experienced failures. 

Although it can make people who do it understand its weaknesses. But on the other hand, this can potentially make the person feel inferior to others and start to doubt himself.

That is why, this method of self-introspection is not recommended for you to do. If you have accidentally engaged in this type of self-introspection, you can try to reduce the negative impact by doing the following:

  • Keep yourself busy with positive activities. To divert negative thoughts related to your past mistakes or failures, you can do this by doing a number of positive activities. Here you can try various positive activities such as sports, meditation or hanging out with friends who have a positive influence.
  • Focus on solving the problems created . If you do a problem, of course you have to solve it, this is also one of the best steps to avoid the bad effects of self-rumination.

Tips and How to Correct Self Introspection

Tips for Correct Self-Introspection
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That is a complete discussion of how to introspect yourself or what is also known as the concept of introspection. Hopefully the information presented can be useful in improving your quality. Good luck.

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