Batman: Arkham Knight PS4, The End of Arkham Series That Make Your Heart Throbbing

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The popularity of Batman has been known since back then he was introduced as one of the superheroes. The adaptation of the movies boosts its popularity to the peak. As seems as it is not enough, Batman also presences in several video games. Among the games about this superhero, Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 stood up the most recently. This game is the one of ps4 game with the best story.

After releasing Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, RockSteady Studio made the new game, Arkham Knight. This game is released for Xbox, PC, and Playstation4. Although there was some problem with the PC version, Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 receives a warm welcome and is greatly praised by many reviewers in the world.

Like the previous Arkham series, this game also presents a wholesome open-world concept. This way, players can venture into every corner of the city without restrain. Is that all this game got? Well, of course, there is more to it that makes this game so great.

What’s Batman: Arkham Knight About?

What’s Batman: Arkham Knight About?

The third Batman Arkham series, Arkham Knight is a game about Batman’s adventure in Gotham city to defeat the criminals that disturb public order. This game is set nine-month after Batman kills Joker, his nemesis, and returns to Gotham city. Although the city is peaceful, Batman can’t shake the feeling of something wrong. That’s why he develops more crime-fighting technology while staying vigilant.

Batman’s intuition is right on the mark. Though Joker no longer exists, Batman still has a lot of enemies, and what makes it worse, they are joining hands together to defeat him. Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Penguin, and Arkham Knight are the enemies that work together to defeat Batman and expose his identity.

Unlike the previous series, in the Arkham Knight series Batman will have to face multiple enemies especially the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. Fans must hear about Scarecrow at least. He is one of Batman’s enemies who is famous for his cruelty, while Arkham Knight is an original character that was created solely for this game.

What makes Arkham Knight an interesting enemy is his understanding of Batman. Among the enemies that Batman has to face, Arkham Knight is the hardest one to face. It is because he understands Batman very well, from his character to his strategy. So, can Batman save Gotham City from the criminals?

The Awesome Action

As an action game, the fighting scene in Batman: Arkham Knight is intense and good. This game offers you hand-combat fighting with many combos that are not too far from the previous Arkham series. However, in this Arkham Knight game, you will also witness a very fine animation when the fighting scene takes place.

Unlike the previous Arkham game, in the Knight series, you as Batman will have to face a lot of enemies at once. That’s why you have to fully understand the control of the console. After all, you need to attack and defend yourself from the enemy at once.

To make the game more interesting, Rocksteady offers a fighting technique that focuses on stealth. Fear takedown and Environment takedown are also some fighting techniques that you can use in the game. These techniques allow you to face a group of enemies in a short time.

However, you have to remember that Arkham Knight is different from Arkham Asylum where you can attack the enemies from shadows. After all, this game prioritizes a crowded and intense battle where you have to fight a lot of enemies at one time. Nonetheless, you still can knock down them quietly though it’s gonna be hard.

Aside from heart-throbbing battle techniques, Arkham Knight also introduces the Dual Team technique. With this technique, you can work together with Batman’s companions such as Robin, or Cat Woman. Unfortunately, this technique is only available at some moments, so you can’t use it all the time.

Roaming in The City to Finish All The Missions

Even though Batman: Arkham Knight is an action game, it doesn’t mean that punching the enemy is the only thing that the players do. To finish this game, you must clear all of the missions. If not, you will never see the ending of this game. There are two missions in this game, a primary mission or main mission that you have to clear, and some side missions.

1. The Main Mission

To get to the end of the game, firstly you have to clear the main mission of Arkham Knight. In this game, the mission is called The City of Fear, where Scarecrow becomes the main villain and Arkham Knight is the secondary villain. 

The story of this mission starts with the Scarecrow’s ambition to defeat Batman and expose his identity. After preparing everything he needs, Scarecrow and Arkham Knight begin their terror in Gotham City and force Batman to take action. 

2. The Side Missions

Besides the main mission, you can also play the side missions that are also called the most wanted mission. In the previous game, you need to finish the main mission to unlock the others. However, in Arkham Knight, you can play the side missions whenever you want without clearing the main story. 

There are a total of 14 side missions in this game that you can play if bored with the main story. In each mission, you will have to face different enemies such as Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two Faces, and many more.

Like the main story, the most wanted mission also has a different story depending on what you choose. Sometimes, the Most Wanted mission you play will influence the ending of the main mission, so you have to carefully clear all of the missions. You can choose one side mission or clear all the most wanted missions.  

Hi-Tech Vehicle and Weapon

When Batman acts to destroy the criminals and bring peace back to Gotham City, he uses a lot of hi-tech tools. In this game, you will see a lot of them, especially the Batmobile. This vehicle plays a vital role in this game since the city’s size is 5 times bigger than before. So, driving the Batmobile will shorten the time to go to every part of Gotham city.

However, you have to be careful as Batmobile is hard to control. You may need time to fully understand how this vehicle works. Furthermore, since the Batmobile is fast you may arrive at your destination quickly if you can’t enjoy Gotham City’s beautiful scenery.

The Batmobile’s role in this game is not limited to the vehicle that takes you from place to place. When needed you can also turn the Batmobile into the weapons, such as machine guns, and canon. Although the weapons sound dreadful, they won’t kill the enemies because it will contradict Batman’s principle to not kill anyone.

The Batmobile isn’t the only hi-tech tool that Batman has. In this game, you also will be equipped with several weapons. One of them is an explosive gel that can be used to blow up the target. You just need to dab the target with the gel and blow up with a remote. 

Another Batman’s weapon is remote electricity. With this weapon, you can paralyze the enemies at once. Remote electricity is a powerful weapon especially if you face several enemies. 

Astounding Graphics That Spoil Your Eyes

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4

One of the reasons why many praised Batman: Arkham Knight is its game has the best graphic. Rocksteady as the developer is doing incredible works in creating Gotham City as the setting. Not only have a larger size but Rocksteady is also doing a great job in making the city with so much detail. Every little part of them feels so real, make you forget that all of them are just a game.

Aside from the graphic that will spoil you to rotten, this game’s visual direction is also superb. The Arkham Knight game presents the futuristic technology that Batman uses well. Rocksteady also accurately portrays Gotham City that makes the game so real. Furthermore, the visualization of the criminals that cause chaos within the city is wonderful.

Not limited to visual, the audio in this game is also great. You can enjoy classical music that becomes the characteristic of the Batman series. The music that plays through the game makes the gameplay more intense.

With all of the audio and visuals that this game has, it’s not exaggerated to say that Batman: Arkham Knight is the greatest action game on PS4.

DeveloperRocksteady Studios
PublisherWarner Bros. Interactive
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
GenreAction, Adventure
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Batman: Arkham Knight ps4 game will be the epilogue of the Arkham series. Several aspects become better than the previous series such as the size of Gotham City. This makes the game feel more wonderful and enjoyable for the players. Unfortunately, the fighting scene is less epic since Batman won’t kill his enemies. As a result, it may not be as brutal as you imagine.

Like the other game, Arkham Knight has its good and bad points. However, if you ask whether this game is good enough to play, then the answer is really good. You can also recommend this game to your friends that play PlayStation 4 because it’s worth playing and a very enjoyable game. Well, let’s save the citizens in Gotham City.

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