Big Bang Buckaroo Review

Big Bang Buckaroo Review: Bet and Features (Rival Gaming)

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Are you searching for the Big Bang Buckaroo review? Even if it weren’t a 3-reel game, Rival Gaming’s Big Bang Buckaroo would have a unique concept for a slot machine. 

As it stands, you’re looking at a game with a traditional layout, symbols that combine cowboy and cyborg-related motifs, and a short list of features.

A Brief of Big Bang Buckaroo Review

Rival Gaming made an effort to appeal to players who like simpler slot machines, therefore on these 3 reels there was only room for 5 active lines, and the feature was then solely dependent on the wild symbol. The prizes for this game can reach a maximum of $7,500.

1. Betting Options

Although the game’s design is traditional, you will use 1 to 5 active lines, with 1 to 3 coins chosen for each one, and denominations ranging from $0.01 to $5. You may use all these parameters in Big Bang Buckaroo to adjust your bets in a variety of ways. 

The total betting range that you are allowed to employ begins at $0.01 and goes up to $75. The maximum payout for line bets is $15.

Make sure to check out the top jackpot depending on the quantity of coins you use each line as you look at the potential prizes for playing this slot machine. You’ll see that wagers of one or two coins pay 400 coins for each one used, while wagers of three coins pay 500 coins for each coin used. 

You should utilize the most coins possible, if not the greatest denomination possible, because it’s sort of a bonus. With its 1,500 coins, the jackpot could net you $7,500.

2. Game Features

Things are about to become extremely straightforward if you are looking at characteristics that you may appreciate. You only have access to one feature, which is the one found most frequently in slot machines. It’s a wild symbol that, if it manages to create a trio by itself, can also award the jackpot of up to 1,500 coins. 

If not, it acts as a stand-in for other symbols as long as it appears along with one or more matching symbols in one or more spots on that line. Since all other symbols are going to generate combinations and not activate any features, there are no restrictions on the symbols that can be substituted with wilds.

3. Design and Theme

Things get much more exciting than they were in the feature section as we move on to the theme of Big Bang Buckaroo. The background of the logo area is made up of numerous rotating gears and wheels, and the primary character has the appearance of a cyborg cowboy. 

The game’s symbols include numerous that adhere to the same theme, such as the Cyborg Cowboy and the Sheriff Star, others that are a mix, such as the three stacked Bar symbols that employ bullets, but it also has three authentic classics: 7s that are colored in purple, yellow, and green.

Overall, we thought Big Bang Buckaroo was a great slot machine, especially in light of the average classic slot machine’s poor graphic quality.

Final Words

In conclusion of Big Bang Buckaroo review, it is a game that offers a distinctive theme and respectable graphics while keeping everything else as basic as you’d want if you’re a fan of the 3-reel genre, and will probably appeal to players who prefer simpler slot machines. Find out more at situs judi slot online terbaik.

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