Bloodborne Review: Interesting Game Features and Players’ Opinions

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Bloodborne Review – A video game of action role-playing subgenre tends to do well in the market. The reason is very obvious. People enjoy the thrill of maneuvering characters to fight monsters. Bloodborne is not excluded from this list. Global video game players enjoy this action game greatly.

This game has received positive reviews from critics worldwide and the one of ps4 game with best story. The storyline focuses on Hunter who lives in Yharnam City. Many people in the mysterious city contracted pathogens that infect their blood. Hunter gets involved in the quest to discover the source of this disease. It is a compelling storyline.

FromSoftware, a Japanese developer, released this game in March 2015. The publisher of this game is Sony Computer Entertainment. Thus, it is understandable that PlayStation 4 is the platform to play it. Players who have not tried this game might be curious about its interesting premise.

Bloodborne Review – The Game Playing Features of Bloodborne

Bloodborne Review - The Game Playing Features of Bloodborne

Every video game provides a different game playing experience. This game also provides specific features that people can only find in it. Several aspects contribute to the gaming experience. Here are some renowned features that make Bloodborne an addictive game:

1. Interesting Combats within the Game

This game emphasizes the combat experience. In the game, players will go on quests where they will encounter monsters. Every monster has its own level of combat difficulty. A player may meet an easily defeated monster at a time while other times they cannot beat them.

When a player manages to defeat a monster in the game, they will receive “Blood Echoes”. This item adds to the player’s experience score. It means that they will have a higher skill for the next combat. Blood Echoes also work as in-game currency. Players can purchase items with it.

There is also another interesting combat feature. A defeated monster may drop useful in-game items.  Players may find potions that can speed up the healing process or even ammunition. This is a treat for players who can defeat the monster that they meet up with.

2. Thrilling Dungeon Setting

Bloodborne involves doing quests in the dungeons. In total, players can explore 35 dungeons within the game. The developer named the dungeons Chalice Dungeon. It is located underneath the city. There are variations in terms of depth and difficulty. This depends on the player’s game level.

Because Chalice Dungeon is an indoor labyrinth, players will have thrilling exploration time inside.  It is an addition to the main storyline which adds flavor to the game playing. In the dungeon, players have the main objective to clear it. This is a challenge on its own.

Within each dungeon, a player may encounter three to four monsters. Players must defeat the monsters one by one to finally clear the quest.  The deeper the dungeon is, the more difficult it is to clear. There are some light signs which indicate the player’s position in the dungeon.

3. Extensive Weapon Options

Action game players love Bloodborne due to its extensive weaponry. The game character uses a weapon in order to defeat a monster. Players can purchase the weapons using in-game currency. For every player, weapon choice may differ. It is due to the player’s combat style and preference.

There are two types of weapons known in this realm. The first one is Trick. Players use Trick Weapons in their right hand. It can alternate between conventional form and transformed shape. The second type is Firearm. Players hold firearms in their left hand. Simultaneous usage is possible.

Every weapon will have its damage level. Some weapons may not cause expected damage to the enemy because of their nature. However, the game emphasizes the importance of a player’s interaction with the weapon. The player must master a weapon’s use to cause more damage to the enemy.

4. Compelling Storyline

Many video games fall short in comparison to this game because they do not have interesting storylines. There is a clear objective in this game. Players need to find the plague source to the town’s people’s blood disease. This objective is really difficult to achieve.

Players feel motivated to finish the game even if it takes the longest time because of the storyline. It does not unveil all the information in one sitting. Instead, players need to unravel the information bits by bits in the game playing.

5. Single or Multiplayer Set Up

Another feature that makes Bloodborne compelling is the availability of single and multiplayer modes. The most basic game mode is certainly the single-player one. However, if a player wants to cooperate with others in completing a quest, the game makes it possible.

To summon new players, a player must find a special currency named Insight. The player can exchange that currency with Beckoning Bell. A bell can summon up to two other players. This system is helpful, especially when there is a difficult monster to defeat.

The game applies some limitations concerning multiplayer mode, though. First, it only works within a certain location. Additionally, players can only summon other players with similar standings. It means that the players need to be at the same level.

Current Players’ Reviews on Bloodborne

Although the game’s first release was in 2015, it still becomes one of the most favorite action RPGs. Nonetheless, players may have positive and negative things to say about it. Here are current players’ opinions about this game:

1. Immersive Gaming World

Players who have tried this game tend to have positive comments about its world-building. As mentioned in the previous part, the storyline is very compelling. Players want to know what causes the plague in Yharnam. They are willing to challenge the game over and over again.

This immersive gaming world also happens due to the stellar graphics. It has a really great design thanks to its Japanese creator. Players will like they are watching a TV show while playing. The characters and the world appear good on the screen. Its color choices also support the story.

The audio composition is also well inserted into the video game. Players become more invested in the game playing because the sound effects are clear. It is difficult not to spend hours in front of the PS4 to play Bloodborne. The game provides unbeatable entertainment.

2. Fast-paced Game Playing

Another notable thing that players like about this game is its fast pacing. Many RPGs may have some lull periods in them. It can make the game feel boring at times. However, it does not happen when players play this game. The pace maintains its speedwell.

This is because, in some settings, the monster may appear so suddenly. If players are not ready to face the monster, they might be defeated. Some in-game items may also appear without prior signs. Players must continuously scan the game’s environment to make sure that they do not miss out.

Players reported that the game makes them feel alerts at any given time. It maintains the adrenaline level on high. Therefore, the gaming experience becomes more exhilarating to players. No moment feels dull when playing this role-playing game.

3. Difficult to Challenge

People will agree that Bloodborne is so difficult to challenge. This is especially the case for lower-level players. They do not have the necessary resources to win the game. Their experience level might be low as well. When facing enemies, they might be defeated quickly.

On one hand, this high difficulty level is what motivates players to complete the game. They may think of the game as a challenge that they need to subdue. Some players even read blog posts to get tips about increasing skills and levels. It is an on-going learning experience.

On the other hand, some players do not appreciate it as much. When a player gets defeated, their progress might regress. An inexperienced player may feel helpless when this happens. Many of them give up in the initial stages because they do not think they can advance the game.

3. Requires Time to Master

This is related to the previous point. Many players tend to give up on the game because they do not master it quickly. Bloodborne is a game that suits a serious player better. A serious player will want to devote time to improve their skills.

It takes days for players to level up, which is longer than some other games. During that time, players might be forced to revert to their previous point. They may also suffer damages from combat loss. For casual players, this is too difficult to handle.

However, because of this, the game becomes a rewarding experience once players have reached a certain point. Defeating monsters becomes easier when players have gained a specific set of skills. Players can finally challenge more difficult quests as well.


PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
GenreAction role-playing
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Final Note

In the end, current Bloodborne review conclude that this game has solid quality. It has a great storyline, immersive graphics, and sound, as well as fun game playing features. Players have an interesting time trying to challenge this game because of those features.

However, it is crucial to note that Bloodborne is not for the weak-hearted. Players who play this game for casual and fun purposes may not have a good time. This game is too difficult if players do not put their best effort into playing it.

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