Procedure for the Domino Games Activities

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Procedure for the Domino Games Activities
Procedure for the Domino Games Activities

Domino games can be included in the category of regional games that are usually shown by the community when celebratory activities such as weddings are present.

The procedure for the activities carried out by this Domino games

1. Domino Card games, consists of 28 cards, each card has a different value that can be played by 2 to 6 players.

2. Domino players will be given 4 cards, and the highest card value will be the winner

3. The activity used in the Domino Card Calculation is, from the 4 cards given we must combine 4 cards into 2 pairs of values.

4. The value of the Domino Card is seen from the 2 cards that are added up by taking the reverse number only if the sum of the cards is more than 10 or even more than 20, so the value is taken back only.

5. Each player will be given the first 3 Domino Cards – the first opportunity when the cards are distributed 3 pieces each player can bet each other or raise each other’s bets to take the 4th card. If one player doesn’t follow the bet submitted by the player otherwise the player is not entitled to take the 4th card and is declared defeated. – The second chance is when each player has got the 4th card or the last card. bets are made to determine the winner.

6. The winner of the Domino Games will be seen from the combination value of the highest 2 pairs of cards.

7. If the Domino games ends with a Draw / Draw, then the victory is determined by the highest matchmaking activity that each player has if there is no match between the players. Therefore it is determined by the activity that the player uses, which is the highest circle that the player has.

8. In the Domino Games there are 4 types of the highest card value or Special Cards. -The first special card is the 6 God Card, which is the highest card value in the Domino Qiu Qiu online games (because in 28 dominoes there are only 4 cards with 6 circles). because the 4 cards that can be rounded are each totaling 6. – 2nd Special Card, namely Card 4, 4 card, which is 4 cards owned by all players – 3rd Special Card, namely Pure Akbar Card, which is 4 cards owned by players The total number of all the circles is a minimum of 40 circles.

The Last Special Card, namely the Small Pure Card, which is 4 cards that many players have, all of which are no more than 9 circles. That’s the review that we can convey about Indonesian Games, hopefully it can be a useful source of information. /Aha

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