Jelly Mania XtraStreak Review (RTP 95.44%) Swintt

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Jelly Mania XtraStreak Review
Jelly Mania XtraStreak Review

Are you looking for the Jelly Mania XtraStreak review? It has a sweets-themed theme to show us, which isn’t rare when it comes to current slot machines. 

It’s a game that will be available through Swintt’s operators, and it’ll offer decent returns at its greatest levels, or terrible ones at its lowest. Thanks to its game engine, it will also be one of the most peculiar slot machine experiences you will ever have.

Best Jelly Mania XtraStreak Review

In Jelly Mania XtraStreak, you won’t find standard reels; instead, each round will have only one symbol/line. It’s all about getting a lucky streak of symbols, with the best payouts coming when you get the same one 5 times. 

At most, the slot’s rewards may be 960 times the bet. Re-spins and wilds are also used as features, which you might not have expected.

1. Wagering Options

The wagering possibilities range from $0.25 to $100 and are for each round rather than individual lines.

Jelly Mania XtraStreak Review

You can win a substantial prize if the same symbol with the rainbow-colored jelly appears five times in a row. The highest one can win from it is 320x their bet per spin, or 960x total over three re-spins.

Jelly Mania XtraStreak’s RTP can fluctuate, but in the best-case scenario, it’s at 95.44%. The other end of the range, however, should be avoided because 88.59% is normally only seen in land-based computers, not online ones.

2. Game Features

Jelly Mania XtraStreak is a unique slot game. You’re only going to see one symbol. Every round, one of the eight normal and two feature symbols is selected as you spin. When one of these symbols appears, it pays you money, and the entire game centers around the concept of a lucky streak.

This means you’ll have to get the same symbol up to five times in a row in order to collect ever higher rewards. For the top symbol, the first appearance pays 3.2x the stake, the second pays 6.4x, the third pays 16x, the fourth pays 64x, and the fifth pays 320x the stake.

A Star Wild sign is included, albeit it isn’t particularly frequent, and it can be used to replace any regular symbol. There’s also a scatter sign, a tomato-like symbol, that activates three re-spins. The re-spins are all part of the same round, so the tomato can’t occur in this mode.

3. Theme and Design

Jelly Mania XtraStreak features a unique design with a range of sweets and creatures on the reels. You’re looking at a picture with stars in the background and a gigantic symbol in the middle.

First and foremost, we’d want to draw attention to the Star Wild and the Tomato Bonus symbols. Then there are images of eight species, some of which appear to be food. Toadstools, demons, tomatoes, seals, and even a rainbow-colored jelly can all be found there.

Final Words

To conclude this bonanza88 result about Jelly Mania XtraStreak review, it is one of the most unusual online slots you’ll ever come across, and we’re not sure you can even put it in that category. It’s a tempting idea, but only if you can find one with a high enough RTP.

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