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Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – It is no secret that PS4 is one of the best great systems for games in the market today. Not only are they more powerful than Xbox One but they also deliver higher robustness. PS4 also allows many people to play at once which makes the games more exciting. And the best part is they have many options of games starting from Marvel’s Spider-Man to Dark Souls 3. Marvel’s spider-man is the one of ps4 game with the best story, you should try this game.

Here, You can get more information about the Marvel’s Spider-man review. Having many options for games is important, therefore players will not get bored easily. Luckily, PS4 has one of the best options of games because almost all games are available. Now, one of the best types of video games that has become a hit these days is a story-driven game. This is a game where players will not only get to play but also listen to a story inside the game. Therefore, the game will be more exciting and attaching.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – Synopsis of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Out of all the story-driven games that are available for PS4, one of the games that you should try is Marvel’s Spider-Man 4. Yes, this game is made from one of Marvel’s best videos Spiderman. So, in this game, you will play Peter Parker, a 23 years old college graduate that is also Spiderman. However, no one knows about his identity and his tasks to protect the world.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker has a mission to bring in Wilson Fisk and make the police arrest him. However, he needs enough evidence to make this happen. Therefore, Peter tries to break into the auction house to collect the evidence he needs. However, the task is not as easy as it seems, as most of the evidence is gone.

Throughout the game, Peter Parker will face some enemies and obstacles that he nights to face again. Other than that, he still needs to save the city while looking for some evidence. To complete all these tasks, Peter can get help from the people around him such as Mary Jane, Miles, and many more.

Other than the main story, you can also play the side stories in New York. On this site, you can face all the bad guys that try to do their actions in New York.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – Why Marvel’s Spider-Man is a Hit

Since it was first released, Spiderman video game has been one of the bestselling. Not only because it is adapted from the famous film, but the game itself is great to play. The features inside the game are also very interesting which makes the game more fun. Here are some great reasons why this game is such a hit:

1. Having the Experience to be Spiderman

Playing this game gives you the experience of being Peter Parker and Spiderman. So, when you play, you will experience having two sides to life. However, the interesting part is of course being Spiderman. Therefore, you all have the abilities that he has too.

Now one of the best parts of being Spiderman is you can swing around the city from building to building. Or you can also jump from high places and buildings just for fun. If you want to see the city, you can also run around the sidewalks while greeting people in the neighborhood.

2. New Costumes

In the movie, Spiderman only has one type of costume but in this game, you can get more. But the costumes are not only Spiderman’s costume but also the ones from other series too. For example, you can wear an Avengers costume for Spiderman in this game. However, to get it you must complete some side story that occurs throughout the game.

You should also know that each costume has different kinds of abilities. So, if you change a costume, the power you have will be different from the ones before. Therefore, if you want to get a better costume, make sure to complete as many side stories.

3. Mini Games & Side Mission

Other than the main mission, throughout the game, there will also be mini-games and side missions. Playing these mini-games will help you earn tokens that you can use to get costumes, equipment, and many more to complete the game. These mini-games can occur any time including when you are fighting against your enemies.

4. Great Scenes and Features in Marvel’s Spider-Man

One of the great features that you can get in this game is taking photos on each side of the city. So, once you get bored with the game you can just stroll around the city and take some photos. The details and quality in all the scenes are just great, so it makes it more fun to walk around the city.

Despite the great points, there are also some points that the developer can fix to make the game better. One of them is by adding a soundtrack to the game. Overall, the details and quality of the pictures are great, however, it will be better if they add a soundtrack. This will add more drama and nerves to the game rather than just plain music.

Other than that, Marvel’s Spider-Man is not as challenging as other story-driven games. As this game is made for all ages, don’t expect this game will get complicated. Most of the tasks and challenges are a bit repetitive, so some may get bored with this game.

How to Beat Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Now after knowing the synopsis; it is time to learn some tips to win Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Even though some people say the game is easy, there is nothing wrong with doing some tricks to win the game. Here are some tips and tricks that you can try:

1. Increase Speed while Web-Swinging

Increase your speed when you swing from one place to another by jumping off a building. When you jump, make sure you tap the L3 button which will help you swing faster. To get a faster swing, then hold on until the apex. This will not only get a faster swing but also a great jump off from the building.

2. Complete Mini Games

As it is not the main mission, many people prefer to skip mini-games and focus on the main mission. However, completing these games can help you earn more points and gain power. The more points you have the better because you can use them to get new equipment too. So, make sure not to run off the mini-games as they can be helpful to fight your main mission.

3. Jumping from Building to Building

Sometimes jumping from one building to another is not as easy as it looks. Some just have bigger distances which makes it hard to jump. But don’t worry it is not impossible as all you need to press the circle button a bit longer to get a long jump. So, make sure to press it a bit longer before you make the jump.

4. Fight Enemies in the Air

When it comes to fighting, Spiderman is the best at fighting against its enemies in the air rather than the ground. So, once you find an enemy to fight, make sure to bring them up in the air. You can try knocking your enemies off by a long press on the square button. Once they are off the ground, make sure to use all your equipment to fight them off.

5. Suits are About Power

Achieving more points will help you get new costumes too. Remember that the suits are not just about appearance but also the powers you will get. In this game, Spiderman has around 26 outfits that you can earn. However, to unlock these suits you’ll need to earn some tokens or points first.

Unlike normal suits, different suits have different abilities. For example, one suit can be used as an army and have shooting guns. They also have a limited time on how long you can use them. Once they runoff, you’ll need to recharge them before being able to use them again.

6. Click R3

To help you out on this game, make sure to click R3 constantly. By doing this, you’ll get a flood of information about objects, enemies to collectible items near you. Sometimes you don’t know when an enemy is near, so clicking this will surely be a help. You can also get information about bonus objectives when you click R3.

7. Switch Gadgets-Equipment

When you fight against your enemies, make sure to use the right equipment. If you face a heavy and hard enemy, make sure to use more than one piece of equipment. You can do this by switching equipment at a double speed, therefore the enemy doesn’t attack you back. To do this, click or double-tap the L1 button and you can change the equipment. One of the examples you can try is by switching between electrify and electrical webbing.

8. Complete Bonus Objectives

After completing a fight against enemies, don’t forget to complete the bonus objectives. Most fights, especially with Thug and Demon Crimes have these at the end of the fight. If you can complete these objectives, you’ll earn more tokens that will be helpful later.

So, try some of these tips and tricks if you happen to face some difficulty. Overall, this game is fun for those looking for a simple yet story-driven game. For the score, Marvel’s Spider-Man hits around 8/10 for the details, story, and challenge in the game.


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