Too Lazy To Exercise? These 9 Motivational Sports Tips Will Help You Overcome It

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Often feel lazy to exercise, We have some motivational sports tips that can help fuel your sports spirit.

To maintain health and also body fitness, exercising is one of the important things that must be done. Exercise has many uses, such as increasing the body’s metabolism, maintaining weight stability to increasing stamina.

Well, the problem is not everyone is motivated to do this. There are many reasons for reasons ranging from busy, tired and so on.

Tips to Increase Sports Motivation 

Motivational Sports Tips
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If you are one of those people who are somewhat less motivated to exercise, we have some powerful motivational sports tips that can ignite your passion for exercising. Here are the tips.

1. Set a Goal 

First thing on motivational sports tips is set a goal. You can do to increase your enthusiasm for sports is to set clear goals. Clear goals will help your motivation to exercise is not slack.

For example, suppose you are aiming to lose 5 kg in a month. To achieve this goal, try to manage your menu and training schedule. 

2. Make a Sports Journal

Keeping a sports journal can also be another thing you can do to keep your workout motivation burning. Out there, many people keep a journal of the exercises or sports they do in order to know the progress of the results of the exercises they are doing.

You can also try this method as one of motivational sports tips. Try to keep your exercise journal and then attach the training achievements you did. This journal can be in the form of a blog or a video.

3. Stay Focused

When exercising, you will definitely face many temptations, ranging from invitations to hang out, feeling lazy that suddenly comes and others. For that problem, focus on yourself is a sports motivational word that you must remember. 

Stay disciplined on the menu and also the exercise schedule that you have compiled. Make your exercise menu and schedule a commitment, not just a plan.

4. Invite Friends To Participate In Exercises

One of the reasons why many people become lazy about exercising is because they do it theirself. For this one problem, you can try to invite your friend or lover to do sports together. This is also oen of many ways of motivational sports tips you can try.

Apart from making the exercise more enjoyable, you will also be able to deepen your relationship with your friends or lover.

5. Choose Fun Sports

There are many types of sports, not only gym and jogging. Therefore, find a sport that suits you best.It is one of motivational sports tips that you can try to make you do exercise more.

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For example, you don’t like exercising at the gym. Then you can try outdoor sports options such as playing basketball, volleyball and others. Sports that involve many people will usually be more motivating than sports that are done alone.

6. Try Using Specific Sports Applications

Currently, technology has supported the ease of human activities, including in terms of sports. There are many smartphone applications that are designed for schedule management as well as exercise menus for users.

You can try to use one of these applications. This will make it easier for you to set the right sports menu and also the progress you have successfully achieved within a certain period of time.

7. Starting from 7 Minutes

Admittedly, motivating yourself to exercise is somewhat difficult to implement, but you can start with a small experiment. Try to force yourself to exercise for 7 minutes for the first try.

Do this for the next few days and then ask yourself if it had a positive impact. The next question, also ask yourself if you intend to continue ?.

If you are sure to continue this small step. In the future, it is possible that you will make sports your new lifestyle.

8. Sports Can Be Done Anywhere and Anytime

Sports that not only can be done at the gym or friends, you can actually do sports wherever you are. For example, in the office, you can try doing a little exercise by going up and down stairs during recess or doing small stretches.

At home, you can also do some light exercise such as aerobics and simple workout movements. It will be easier if you have sports equipment in your house.

9. Give Yourself Reward

Respect for yourself is a very important part of life, including sports. Try to reward yourself for getting the sports results you are targeting.

For example, suppose you aim to successfully lose 10 kg in a month. If successful, you can reward yourself, such as buying new clothes or eating certain foods that you really like (of course, in moderation).

Those are some motivational sports tips which also part of positive lifestyle tips that hopefully can help you to be more diligent in exercising. As a small suggestion, in addition to exercising, you should also start to improve your diet and diet to become healthier so that it has a better impact on your body.

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