Positive Lifestyle Tips To Cure Online Gambling Addiction

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Do you have the intention to recover from online gambling addiction? Some of the following positive lifestyle tips can be a solution to help you heal.

The expansion of gambling into the digital world or what is also known as online gambling is not a new problem facing the government. 

This problem has been going on for a long time, even though the government has tried to block many online gambling sites. However, the growth of gambling sites on the internet has made the government’s efforts only have a small impact.

Until now, there are still many online gambling sites that have not been blocked and can be accessed easily. As a result, there are still quite a lot of visitors to gambling sites including they who have become addicts to this illegal game. These kind of people actualy need some positive lifestyle tips to help them healthy.

Mental Health Disorders Are the Risk of Online Gambling Addiction

Positive Lifestyle Tips
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Before we are going to talk about positive lifestyle tips we need to cure online gambling addiction, let we talk first about mental health disorder caused by gambling addiction. Even though it sounds trivial, addiction to online gambling games is not something that can be trivialized. There are many negative effects from this type of addiction. One of them is the risk of experiencing psychiatric disorders to the possibility of suicide.

The same thing was expressed by one of the owners of a domestic gambling site, who fully understands the impact of gambling addiction. Even on its gambling site, it provides clear directions and commitments to how a person should behave in a passionate gambling should be based on a fun activity and a joy. From this fun plaing experiences, it is hoped that gambling activities will no longer be a burdensome addiction.

A study from Kyoto University had revealed that people who are addicted to gambling (including online gambling) have a high risk of experiencing mental disorders in the form of an unstable mood and also experiencing excessive anxiety. Sufferers will tend to have an unstable mood and also experience anxiety.

A data from The UK’s National Gambling Helpline also supports this. Every year more than 30 thousand complaints about gambling addiction. Some of these reports state that gambling addicts experience worrisome health problems.

In addition, there is data in the UK which states that there are 650 cases of suicide attempts by young online gamblers every year. Isn’t that awful? That is why such people need a positive lifestyle tips to get healed from gambling addiction.

Potential of Legal Problems Due to Online Gambling

Not just mental health problems, online gambling addicts can also be in trouble with the law if we do not obey positive lifestyle tips we weill discuss here. In Indonesia, all kinds of gambling activities, both in person and online, are illegal. This in itself has been regulated in many applicable laws, one of which is Article 45 paragraph (2) of Law 19/2016.

In this law, anyone who deliberately spreads access to electronic information containing gambling content will be subject to a maximum imprisonment of 6 years and also pay a maximum fine of 1 billion rupiah.

Your Privacy Data Security Could be Threatened

Negative impact of gambling - Your privacy data security can also be threatened
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It is not enough to make you potentially experience mental health problems and also get involved in legal problems. The security of the privacy data that you use to register on online gambling sites is also threatened.

Your private data on the site manager can be spread for illegal things, from falsifying information to other crimes. Owner of gambling sites where you usually play gambling can also sell privacy data to certain companies. So that it can make you a marketing target without your knowledge.

Another bad thing that can also happen is hacking your computer by irresponsible parties. Online gambling sites are usually full of negative advertisements that may contain malicious scripts that can hack or damage your computer. to avoid them all, you must read our writting about positive lifestyle bellow.

Positive Lifestyle Tips To Cure Online Gambling Addiction

Negative impact of gambling - Your privacy data security can also be threatened
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If you are one of the people who are addicted to online gambling and intend to recover. There are many ways that it can actually help. One of them is by changing your lifestyle and adopting a positive lifestyle. 

Positive lifestyle tips itself means ways of life that always thinks positively and tries to be productive. Adopting a more positive lifestyle will help erode your gambling habits. 

But of course, you must be determined to apply it so that the positive impact can be felt immediately. 

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10 Positive Lifestyle Tips To Get Rid Of Online Gambling Addiction

To make it easier to understand and help you get rid of online gambling addiction. Here are some positive lifestyle tips that you can do to help those who addict in gambling.

1. Start With Self-Introspection

The first positive lifestyle tips that you can do to be able to adopt a positive lifestyle to escape online gambling addiction is to introspect. 

Before adopting a new lifestyle, of course, you need motivation and determination to do it. Getting determination and motivation is the main goal of doing this introspection.

The awareness to introspect oneself is a picture of a person’s maturity level in thinking. This can be seen from how mature the person is, although this is not entirely true.

Likewise, in the prohibition on gambling, there is an age limit that is regulated in gambling activities. . The prohibition of activities is carried out by people who cannot think about the risks they will experience, including the age of children and adolescents.

If you’ve looked in detail, these prohibitions are listed on every online gambling site. However, no matter how complete the information provided by service providers, there are still some who deliberately do not care about the prohibition.

Everything comes back to you as a user, can you act wisely. Can you avoid gambling, can you think for a better quality and useful life change?

Try to introspect yourself and start finding out about the changes that occurred in your life after you started playing online gambling. Does this bring a lot of positive things for you ?. Ask this on your own person.

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2. Change Your Mindset To Be More Positive

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As previously revealed that this positive lifestyle tips means living with a positive mind. For that, it means you have to start changing your mindset or mindset. 

Positive thinking is always trying to behave and think positively when facing any situation, especially in dealing with problems. This will make it easier for you to find solutions.

In addition, start to stop blaming too much. If you realize the mistakes you made in the past, then make it a lesson that makes you a better person. Don’t just make it an excuse to lament and blame yourself too much.

Besides that, you also have to start appreciating your own personality and also the achievements that you have got in the past. For example, if you manage to survive not being influenced by your friend to smoke. 

So in the future, make sure that you are still not affected by these temptations. Don’t let your personal qualities decrease just because of bad influences from outside.

3. Manage Your Finances Well

Implementing this as one of many positive lifestyle tips means that you are prepared to make a number of changes in your life, including in financial matters. In this section, you should start improving the way you manage your finances.

If previously, you used a lot of your money for things that were less useful or useful, such as following a gambling bet, then you must change it immediately. Try to always plan your finances well, whether it’s a matter of living expenses and other needs.

If you still feel a high desire to gamble, we highly recommend you not to manage your own finances. As a solution, you can try to entrust your finances to someone you trust, for example your lover, wife or family.

Ask them to keep your ATM card and credit card, then ask them to only give you money according to the living expenses you need; such as rent, transportation and food allowances.

Do this for the next few weeks until you feel that you have no passion or are thinking about online gambling anymore. In addition, you will also get additional benefits, namely by increasing your financial strength because you start living a more frugal life.

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4. Block Online Gambling Sites from Your Computer and Smartphone

To be able to completely stop from the world of online gambling which always has a variety of lucrative gambling promos, then you must try this positive lifestyle tips, it is stop access these online gambling sites. At this point, blocking online gambling sites from your computer and smartphone is an option that you can choose.

To block negative content sites yourself, you can do it in many ways, from relying on browser extensions, certain applications to blocking permanently via proxy. 

You can find out more about this through several posts available from the Internet.

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5. Improve Your Quality

The next positive lifestyle tips that can help you get out of the trap of online gambling addiction is to improve the quality of your personality. 

Improving your personal quality means leaning on the provision of a number of skills that will be useful in the future.

Try to find a positive passion that you want to develop. For example, you are very interested in starting a business, then you can try to learn more about it.  

Besides being able to increase the number of skills and skills you have, this will also be effective in diverting attention from your mind to gambling.

For study options, you can study independently through articles or videos from the internet or study formally by taking courses.

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6. Be more Productive

Being more productive is also part of living a positive lifestyle tips. By becoming a more productive person, you can achieve many things from career success, expanding your network of friends and much more.

In addition, by finding a lot of activity useful, you will not have time to think about negative things like online gambling. 

In order to be a more productive person. You can start by getting in the habit of completing work or tasks on time. Don’t make it a habit to procrastinate at work.

7. Do Exercise

Still in order to divert your mind from thinking about going back to gambling. Trying to get back to exercising can be a positive lifestyle tips that youmay try. You can start with light exercise such as jogging or simple workout near home.

For the duration of exercise, you can start with a fairly short duration, which is about 30 minutes every day. If you are a typical person who is reluctant to exercise alone, you might be able to participate in sports in the form of games such as basketball, volleyball or futsal. 

Make this sport your routine, whether it’s every day or just on weekends. Within a few weeks of doing this regularly, not only will you start forgetting about gambling, you will also have a fitter body.

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8. Get into a Positive Environment

The environment has a huge influence on the formation of habits and a person’s lifestyle. If you enter into a friendship environment that has a negative influence, then you are likely to be influenced and do negative things. 

For that, you should choose friends who are around you. This is one of positive lifestyle tips you can try to get healed or avoid from gambling addiction.  Start hanging out and making friends who will have a positive influence on you. This will be very helpful in directing you to do more positive things and get rid of your gambling addiction.

9. Conducting Social Activities 

The next positive lifestyle tips that can help you get rid of gambling addiction is doing social activities. 

To shape your personality into a better character, of course you have to start by doing lots of good activities. Social activities can be a means of doing this.

Try to occasionally get involved in social activities such as volunteering. Such as helping with disasters or helping with the distribution of aid to the poor. This will be able to foster your sense of empathy for others and keep you from many negative thoughts.

10. Drawing Closer to God

Returning to the path of blessing and grace from God can be one of your positive lifestyle tips you may do. Remembering that gambling that you did before was a sin, then you must immediately improve your relationship with God. 

Start by repenting and then improve your worship. If you embrace Islam, you can increase and improve your worship. And then routinely personally to follow religious activities such as regular study. By doing this earnestly you will feel calm and slowly recover from your gambling addiction.

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Medical Treatment Will Help The Process Of Curing Online Gambling Addiction

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Apart from adopting those positive lifestyle tips, those of you who are addicted to online gambling should also consider undergoing medical treatment. This will really help your healing process, because you will get guidance from professionals in this field. 

For medical treatment alone, generally performing rehabilitation at a mental health center is often an option. Currently, there are many mental health service centers that provide rehabilitation for alcoholics, alcoholic drinks to gambling. 

Apart from doing rehabilitation, there are other options that you can also choose, namely consulting with a psychiatrist. In many cases of gambling addicts, the psychiatrist will usually prescribe you several drugs that can reduce the activation of the part of the brain associated with dopamine.

For information only, gambling addiction occurs due to excessive activity in the part of the brain related to dopamine, so that sufferers will experience pleasure while gambling. This can happen if you play gambling too often.

The drugs from this psychiatrist will function to suppress the activation of this part of the brain. So that addicts will begin to lose the sensation of pleasure when playing gambling.


From several points reviewed above, there are several important points that can be taken. The points are as follows:

  1. Online gambling addiction can cause a variety of problems, from financial problems to health problems.
  2. Adopting a positive lifestyle can help reduce the effects of online gambling addiction.
  3. There are some tips for living a new, more positive life. Some of them include interrogating yourself, changing your mindset, trying to think positively, honing skills, doing useful things and getting closer to God Almighty. 
  4. Rehabilitation and also psychiatric consultation are some medical treatment methods for curing online gambling addiction.
  5. The cause of gambling addiction is usually brain activity linked to dopamine.

Those are some positive lifestyle tips to help you recover from online gambling addiction. Hopefully it is useful to help you or your relatives to escape online gambling addiction.

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