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9 Amazing Tips Will Help You Improve Your Quality of Worship

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Do you feel that your quality of worship is still not optimal? These prayer tips might help you.

The quality of worship is a manifestation of the quality of your relationship with the Creator. The better the quality of worship you do, the better your relationship with God will be.

But out there, there are still many who ignore this. Even though this is a crucial matter as a religious adherent. 

Tips to Improve Your Quality of Worship

Tips In Worship To Be More Quality
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If you are one of those people who feel that the quality of your worship up to now is still not optimal. There are a few tips that might help you improve. Here are some which is also one of positive lifestyle tips you may know.

1. Remember the Matter of Sin

First tips to improve your quality of worship is always remember that we are sinners. One of the reasons why a person is lazy to worship or worship according to his rate is because he forgets about sin. During life, human beings will certainly be involved with what is called sin, whether intentionally or not.

For that reason, a religious person should always ask for His forgiveness at every opportunity. By remembering the things of the self that always commits sin, it will indirectly help increase the spirit and also devotion in worship.

2. Asking for Convenience to Him

Every belief must be taught that God is the greatest source of strength in the world. God can turn the hearts of his servant easily if he wants. Your job as his servant is to ask Ridho and his ease in worshiping. 

Ask Him to give you peace, order and ease in carrying out every religious command.

3. Perform Small Worship

Never underestimate small or non-obligatory services, the reason is that they are still the coffers of rewards that will help you in the last day. For example, if you are a Muslim, try to do some Sunnah worship such as fasting Monday-Thursday, night prayers and so on.

If it is done regularly, then slowly, you will get used to it and the quality of your worship will improve.

4. Return to the Holy Book

Every religious believer certainly believes that their religious holy book is a guide in living and also worshiping. For this reason, if you want to improve your quality of worship, start by re-reading the Holy Scriptures of your religion.

For example, if you are a Muslim, you can try to get used to reading the Quran in your spare time. As for those of you who are Christians, maybe it can increase the frequency in reading the Bible.

5. Finding People Who Can Guide

Worship is also a learning process. And in learning, of course you need a people who can guide you. In this section, it is highly recommended that you find a religious teacher who can share his religious knowledge with you.

For those of you who are Muslims, you can try to study or consult with ustadz with a clear background of knowledge to guide you in learning. As for those of you who have other faiths, you can try consulting with religious leaders you know and learn from them.

6. Participating in Religious Activities

Hang out with perfume sellers, you will smell good too. Meanwhile, hanging out with kerosene sellers, then you will smell of dirt. This is an expression that can explain this passage.

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Hanging out with people who have religious insight and are obedient in worship will also have an influence on the quality of your worship. Try to regularly participate in your religious activities. If you are a Muslim, then you can try to routinely attend recitation or study.

7. Utilize Technology For Worship

Currently, technological advances really support almost all human activities, including in worship. There are many technologies that can be used for worship, for example, such as applications that contain holy books.

With this application, you will be able to read the religious scriptures that you believe in anytime and anywhere. If you have busy activities and don’t have time to take part in religious activities such as recitation or certain studies.

You can rely on technology like Youtube to help you. Use Youtube or other video sharing sites to listen to your religious studies online. This is to be able to continue to worship even though you are busy. 

8. Keep Yourself From Immorality

Next way to improve your quality of worship is keep away yourself from immorality. Sin is like a fire that devours firewood. If the reward is the firewood, then committing a sin can burn the reward you get. This is one of the important essences that you must understand.

As much as possible, try to keep yourself away from all kinds of immorality. Even though the immorality is minor and not an act against the law. Don’t make it a reason to do it.

9. Always Strive to do Good Things

Getting used to doing good is a step that can help increase the spirit of worship. If you are accustomed to doing good, then the urge to always improve the quality of worship and stay away from immorality will also increase.

Try to always take the time to do good every day of your life, even if it’s just a small thing, such as spreading a smile and giving small pennies to those in need. 

So many reviews about some tips in worship that hopefully can help in improving the quality of your worship. Happy trying.

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