Red Dead Redemption II: Everything We Know So Far for PS4

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The Red Dead Redemption II was so phenomenal. Noticing a success from the last series, there is no wonder when people put a high expectation for the Red Dead Redemption III. Rockstars, as the developer of this game, really worked very well. They did a good job in bringing quality. It was proven by the number of million copies that have been sold. Red Dead Redemption II is the one of ps4 game with the best story.

Since the Red Dead Redemption II firstly released in 2018, the sequel became popular in Western action-adventure games class. Over 14 million units were sold around the world for PlayStation 4.* So, dreaming of a similar excitement for the Red Dead Redemption III is normal. Despite all the issues and pressures, the III series is still worth loving by gamers.

Get a Little Flashback

The first Red Dead Redemption came in May 2010. But, actually, the game was started in 2004 with the title “Red Dead Revolver”. When it turned into the Redemption series, people considered this game as the greatest game ever. The debut successfully reached the highest-rated and rank for PlayStation 3.

In 2017, the third entry was released. It was when the Red Dead Redemption II hit the public. The game was available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, also for the others like Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows. Rockstars took Texas north in the Rio Grande as the set. That’s what made the Red Dead Redemption II unique and enjoyable.

While the gamers are enjoying that series, they are questioning about the Red Dead Redemption III. It starts from what’s the new things, where the set takes, and of course when the release date. If you are curious about the same issues, then here you can get to know about them.

Why Do People Love Red Dead Redemption II?

Red Dead Redemption II

We have mentioned many times that the Red Dead Redemption is an incredible game. For those who just heard this game, probably it is quite confusing. Why do they really love to play the game? You might think this game is just an adventure game like you use to play. Is it really like that? To fulfill this question, the fans have numerous reasons to tell.

1. Great Drama of the Landscape

You will appreciate the Rockstars for the storyline they have made. There are so many surprises and unexpected moments in every mission. You will never know what to fight for at the next level. For example, one day you have to act as a criminal. But, in the different sessions, you have to go against the rebels. The drama is such a brilliant idea. It is a wonderful experience.

2. Beautiful  Format

Rockstars keep improving the quality of the art. Starting from the original Redemption, it has a lot of significant upgrades, including the missions. Even though several players said that it lacks innovation, some others defend it with full appreciation. Thus, for Red Dead Redemption III, you may hope the game is more polished and well-rounded.

3. Enjoyable Cast

All of the characters inside the game are explored in a great way. You can feel the adventure like real through the missions. Within the gang had been designed, it is enjoyable to play the cast. The game balances its animation, such as running, shooting, and fighting, without losing the focus of giving its players complete control. Here, Rockstars also transforms your experience through the game’s multiplayer mode.

The Updates You Should Know for PS4

Red Dead Redemption seems to get bigger and bigger. You can see it from the new characters in Red Dead online which now there are three new characters. While you are enjoying that game separately, here are the new updates for Red Dead Redemption III. We might say that Rockstars is now planning for a long term future by expanding more upgrades, like from the roleplay aspect, and others.

1. The Story Line

There is a rumor that the biggest reason why Red Dead Redemption III hesitated to be released because of the story. Actually, the life of the Van der Linde gang has ended. John Marston nearly reached the end of the Wild West era. If you play Red Dead Redemption II, you flashed back to his background and directed him to do things until he became a man like that.

In the III series, Rockstars pursues you to take two options. First, the game requires you to walk further into his past. It takes longer than in the II version. And, the second one is taking you to an entirely new story in different locations. You will meet new characters and roles. Both of these options explore a new narrative. Your PlayStation 4 time will be a more psychological sensation.

2. The Platforms

The Red Dead Redemption II was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2010. After that, the update came for consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, seeing that story, Red Dead Redemption III perhaps would be ready for kinds of PS, Xbox, and PC.

Talking about the PlayStation, it is predicted it would be released on PS 5, 4, and 3. One interesting thing is the game is the best running on PlayStation 4. Even though Red Dead Redemption seems old for the console, you can see from the latest update that many gamers are satisfied with it for PlayStation 4. Hopefully, the developer makes this game run better on PlayStation 4 in the future.

3. The Features

For the fans who are waiting for the game, you might wish for some new features. We can tell you several updates here. First, the setting is still unique. It takes you back to the early 19th century. That is what makes the game interesting over the other games in the same genre. You will be amazed by the wars, colonial neighborhoods, and the survival things to do.

Another important thing is customization. The characters started from the base character, and are allowed to customize. It is regarding the clothing and the look, also, when you want to adjust the gear and equipment. More than that, it becomes greater when you can change the hair color of your horse, modify the speed, custom the saddles, and many details you won’t get from the last series.

Last but not least, it would be amazing if Rockstars lets you play with your friends. Many gamers asked the developer to share the same space with their group. This could be an added value for Red Dead Redemption III. Online game participation gives you a side effect that you have never imagined before.

4. The Release Date

If you are wondering when the game will be available, maybe we should take a look back into 2018. That was the moment when Dan Houser, the Red Dead Redemption II director and the co-founder of Rockstars, said that the team was ready to spill Red Dead Redemption III. It means there is an open-door for the game.

Unluckily, he did not mention the exact date. He just made us capture that Rockstars is now having a big project, so the III series will get the same success as its previous series. Almost all people consider Red Dead Redemption III is going to come out in the near future.

They commit to delivering the same quality of the game. They won’t make the fans disappointed. Also, another reason for the delay probably caused by the change of the design to make the game adaptable on various consoles and gadgets. Seeing these matters, we can assume that probably the new game comes at least in 2025, or early 2023 is the best guest if Rockstars make it faster.

5. The Art

While you are waiting for the release, it is fun to talk about the art too. Many fans are doing their creativity. The fans designed the cowboy with a horse. They make various backgrounds to liven up the story. Through different visualizations, you can see that Red Dead Redemption III is more curious to play.

Some fans shared their pictures online. Several pictures captured in the group and invite some discussion. Despite the positive and negativity that occurs, the gamers make the picture really appeal to Red Dead Redemption III.


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PublisherRockstar Games
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows
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Red Dead Redemption II is really behind us. However, we cannot lie seeing how amazing that game was. Rockstars, as the developer, created a masterpiece since the first series was released. Then, people are waiting for the updates more and more in the next Red Dead Redemption III.

Even though it seems to take a long time, it is worth waiting. This game will be available for various consoles, such as PS and Xbox. For those who own the PlayStation 4, you are the lucky ones. This game is best running on PlayStation 4. You can have a perfect experience with it.

Prepare yourself to welcome Red Dead Redemption III with its new updates. Here, you can feel more natural with the 19th-century background and its living. But, on the other side, you might be more excited with its new features, such as setting your horse as you want or creating your personal look. Rockstars make all of the upgrades to keep the fans happy and enjoy playing the game.

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