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Resident Evil 7 Review – Received a lot of criticism in the two Resident Evil 5 and 6 series, and did make RE go down. Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes in the last 2 series RE, will make it more interesting.  Therefore, Resident Evil 7 will draw inspiration from the Chainsaw Massacre.

The big announcement that Capcom is introducing the new Resident Evil 7 for the first time to all gamers around the world. A horror atmosphere that is about to embellish its true meaning through changing the gameplay.  The change is a process that cannot be accepted easily.

For a gamer to grow and fill the time with a franchise that has made an impression on the heart. And this feeling will also be found when the franchise changes significantly. But this change in Resident Evil was greeted positively by gamers. Resident evil is the one of ps4 game with the best story.

The changes that have occurred have become one thing that has been long-awaited and coveted. This dam sensation game comes through the return of the normal survival horror element. Limited resources, an atmosphere that is always tense, to enemy designs that are creepy and threatening at the same time.

In the new Resident Evil, Playstation 4 has a long time and a tense atmosphere. The eerie atmosphere of Dulvey Plantation and Ethan’s character calling out a cryptic email made the atmosphere even more supportive. Having a story behind the game is indeed an interesting thing to explore.


In this game, it takes the background of a swamp in a city called Louisiana. Resident Evil 7 Capcom provides the newest main character, Ethan Winters. Which tells of a husband who lost a wife to murder.

Ethan was surprised to receive a video submission featuring Mia, the wife, who had been caught 3 years ago. Ethan had thought Mia died but was still alive. Finally, Ethan decided to look for his wife and explore the marshes of Louisiana.

Mia’s search takes Ethan to a mysterious house in the middle of a swamp. The mysterious house in a damp swamp belongs to the Baker Family. When he arrived at that place, many terrible things happened to Ethan.

Almost similar to a thriller, this Playstation 4 game starts with an ordinary atmosphere. but there are some things at the beginning of the game that can make the atmosphere tense. The addition of background music makes the atmosphere supportive and gripping.

The atmosphere you get in the game is the same as other thriller and survival horror games. Examples of games that have an atmosphere like this are isolation and amnesia. Not only the atmosphere is almost the same as other games but also a change in perspective.

Feature Resident Evil 7 PlayStation 4

Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil 7 PS4 at a price of $ 799,995 for America is often an up-and-coming game of great quality. therein has a difference that supports its features. But in this game, it can make players feel frustrated because this game is indeed playing emotion.

1. VR Experience

Resident Evil 7 review has a good development to provide the convenience of excellent VR facilities. Players can tweak the bow from 30 to 90 degrees without using keys. Players can use the right analog stick when they want to rotate the bow.

In the camera, there is a lock feature if you feel disturbed in controlling the game. Players can also easily adjust the speed settings in the field of view. The field of view will be in perspective depending on the player using the character’s head movements.

Resident Evil 7 is one of the games in the VC that is played on a monitor or television. The camera interface and also when the player opens the map the player’s face will appear and float on it. Floating icon interaction can be done the same as using a non-VR version of the game.

2. Stressful Things

There are some technologies used that don’t always match the game design. Although VR enhances some elements of this game, there are still some that are missing. Certain elements will make the game feel pain and immersion occurs.

Resident Evil 7 game makes the main character’s arm above the elbow. If played normally, the character will not be able to see if the other body is there or not. This will make the main player confused and tense against the enemy.

Using VR mode is like putting on an oven mitt, so it’s like a human. The arm will move according to the player’s position and change when performing an action. This looks very strange because sometimes it is difficult to condition the head movement.

Another problem is a text like a subtitle. The subtitles will appear at a certain distance but in scenes close to the dialogue this will be distracting. Characters will block words that are close to the character’s body.

Each character changes the point of view then this game will turn black for a moment there is a camera. Onscreen is just an awkward transition that not many may notice. But this can play on the emotions of the players to keep fighting for Mia.

3. Amazing of Resident Evil 7

This game has several interesting things, behind the existing problems. The purpose of using the head is to enjoy a horror impression that has several points. The player only has business with terrible flickering during the cutscene.

You can always play VR normally on a television or monitor. Players can also use a headset to be able to enjoy the thriller atmosphere in it. Players can think critically because of the gripping and tense atmosphere.

Resident Evil 7 ReviewGameplay

Resident Evil 7  PS4 uses the same formula as the earlier RE series. Players will find various characteristics, such as medicinal plants and challenging puzzles. There are all kinds of strange creatures and members of the Baker family who are positioned as opponents.

In the beginning, before inventing weapons, the game had a difference from the earlier series. The player will be amazed by a series of surprising and tense moments that are certainly interesting. The game has many features to increase the power of the Characters.

At RE7 PS4, Capcom succeeded in mixing the human nature of being afraid of things that were not clearly visible. Of course, it also makes this game series the scariest ever. Lots of unexpected events when playing this game.

Fear turns to courage once players discover the first weapon – the 9mm pistol – in the game. The impression of this game series that has long been known is again felt in the latest game series. However, that does not mean that RE7 is gone after the player finds the weapon.

Even though the player already has a weapon, the power in-game is quite limited. When dealing with monsters, players will arrange to consider whether the ammo is worth it. A weapon to kill ‘keroco‘ that appears or save it to face even harder opponents.

Players can only carry a limited number of weapons and items. Then, the player must always set a strategy at all times. At times, players will face situations where they have to face an opponent with limited space.

Even so, this is what makes RE7 different from the previous RE series. When dealing with members of the Baker family, players must recognize their individual attack patterns and movements. This also makes this game series different from other horror games.

New Engine

Capcom provides many additional designs, essential elements, the best quality for this Resident Evil 7. Instead of using an existing engine, but decided to create a new engine, called the RE Engine.

Resident Evil PS4 has a more gripping atmosphere through the details of the objects that deserve thumbs up. There is also a quality of lighting that makes any room even more dramatic. The details of the objects look amazing when investigated closely, including the variety of weapons.

Having other visual effects such as blur and depth gives an effect that is closer to the real world or reality. From the presentation, almost nothing can complain about the latest Capcom engine. Because it seems like Capcom designs for games from several previous references.

The character models that the players have emphasized are just as good, although still not perfect. Two complaints that there may be that the hair quality is still not good. Eye-tracking of character models who still can’t read where the player is moving.

It will cause the character to sometimes face an empty space. Something that looks strange, for a modern game engine. Yet there are some absurd and absurd things to the characters.

Original Game Trailer

In this game, players will get the real Resident Evil experience. A threat from the Baker Family that consistently haunts players as fighters. Players must dare to fight, and overcome several monsters.

Against monsters by using a variety of weapons that players will get during the trip. This game is not pure horror like Outlast which asks players to just run and run. The player requires himself to fight back.

The other thing is to make sure that the player makes the best use of the limited resources possible. Save the bullet for the right moment, use the healer only at the critical moment. And also avoiding the threat that will drain it is the classic sensation of a Resident Evil series.

Nearly enough player resources to perform tasks in resistance. Puzzles will also not be enough to drain the player’s brain and fill it with frustration. The puzzle returns with a much simpler difficulty level, which sometimes asks the player to simply rotate a certain object.

From the whole Resident Evil 7, PlayStation 4 is a very sweet bet for Capcom. This game is perfect for horror and resistance survival lovers. Especially for die-hard fans of classic Resident Evil.


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