The Last of Us Remastered Review, Come Back with Better Graphics and Storyline

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The Last of Us Remastered Review – If you have PlayStation 3 before, you should be familiar with The Last of Us from a few years before. Now, if you have a PS4 in your room, you should definitely play The Last of Us Remastered. It might look too old but it is still one of the biggest ps4 game with the best story out there.

Naughty Dog has recreated this awesome game and then Sony Computer Entertainment released it in July 2014. The developer creates this game exclusive for the PlayStation 4 only. There are a lot of new adjustments from the old version and everything goes right. Here we give you the outline of this game:

What’s New?

The Last of Us Remastered Review

If you think that The Last of Us Remastered will contain a lot of new content, it is not.  This game has the same story and contents as The Last of Us original version on PlayStation 3. But the difference appears in their resolution, this new one comes with a completely perfect resolution, 1080p.

The developer also revamps every character on this game so it has a better resolution and looks real. Naughty Dog also improves shadows and lighting effects, so it has a better look than before. Moreover, there are no more glitches that appear while you are playing this game.

Each texture on the appearance is also better, it contains about 60 frames on each second you enjoy this game. This remastered version also implemented some downloadable content. You can download several map packs like Reclaimed Territories, Left Behind, and Abandoned Territories.

Neil Druckmann has been working so hard as a writer and creative director for this game. However, another person involved in this game is Troy Baker as a voice actor for Joel, the main character. Ashley Johnson, the winner of BAFTA Award-winning voice also takes the role on this game as Ellie.

The new thing about this The Last of Us Remastered edition is a unique Photo Mode. With that feature, all players will be able to take some screenshots while playing this game. The action will be freezing and you can manipulate some aspects such as frame, camera position, and focus.

Big Budget on the Story

Writers and also the designers of Naughty Dog success prove themself as the best storytellers video game in the world. They made a story about the post-apocalyptic in America and it stands out above all video games. This game is excellent, convincing, and also regularly surprising.

Polygon gives a good review about the first version of the game’s qualities as a story. The experience while sneaking, climbing, murdering, and also shooting the zombie in this game is unforgettable.

This game takes multi-million dollars only on the production set but it gets a good return. It has the deepest level of narrative transgression above Wolfstein 2 or even Horizon Zero Dawn. The relationship in this game will surprise and affect you from the first time you hold your console.

The Last of Us Remastered Review Main Story

Talk about the storyline of The Last of Us Remastered, there are not too many things that have changed. It is quite the same as the original version but with a modern infection as an addition. There will be a new infection where people will turn into an antagonist after 20 years.

Joel and his daughter, Ellie is a survivor that should cross over the apocalyptic and save themself. They both should move in the middle of the post-apocalyptic USA and find a Fireflies group. Fireflies group is the only one who can create some drugs to cure this zombie apocalypse disease.

They will do some research about Ellie’s immunity to know why it can happen and create the drug from that. If you can finish this game then you can create the drugs and save all people in the US.

The Last of Us Remastered Review Gameplay

In this The Last of Us Remastered Review, if we talk about video games, one thing that we should put attention to is the gameplay. However, the developer has created many adjustments on The Last of Us Remastered gameplay and it goes well. Here the information:

1. Combat

While using the range of weapons like a scuffle and shot, The Last of us will use a third-person shooter. The developer also adjusts the lethality of each weapon so it is the same as in reality.

You can choose to take control of Joel or Ellie and one of them will be an AI and bother you in-game. This game also lets you switch the characters later in some parts of the game so don’t be a worry.

The Last of Us Remastered is also equipped with a unique skill called stealth that takes a big part of the gameplay. Squatting behind objects and exploring the environments quietly will help you avoid the enemy. They’re also available with a new feature called “dynamic stealth”, which will allow you to use different techniques and strategies.

2. Weapons

Like another zombie video game, this game also contains some different weapons you can use. There are available five groups of weapons you can use like long guns, pistols, explosives, melee, and throwable objects.

In the melee, there are different kinds of weapons you can use like a blunt, bladed,  machete, pipe, and more. If you use a long gun, you can also use it as a melee weapon like a long blade. When you play single player, there are some exclusive weapons you can use as a baseball bat and hatchet.

Finding some weapons might be a little bit hard and it also has a limit while using. There are some throwable objects like a brick, Molotov cocktail, nail bomb, bottle, and smoke bomb. The Last of Us Remastered will feel like a real experience where you can use anything near you.

3. Chapters

The storyline is told in a straight design as we told before, it is totally the same as the previous one. Talk about the diversion, this game took over a considerable portion of a whole year. Every different part of the story takes four seasons like what happens in real life.

You will get a whole year of seasons from the summer, fall, winter, and spring plus the epilogue. Each seasonal-arc starts with an obscure sum of time passing since the past concluded. The developer packs up this game with different stages and missions for each season. It will be interesting because a lot of things there have been improved.

One thing that totally changes about the chapters is Joel and Ellie’s pairs of clothing. They will use different clothes corresponding to the climate conditions in each season. You will also get some awesome surprises in the prologue that takes place 20 years before the apocalypse.

4. Exploration and Items

In this game, you will not only focus to kill the enemy and survive but also explore the environment. If you put attention to the conversations between the characters, you will also get some jokes and many more. Moreover, there is also an available hide mission where you should listen to all 37 conversations to get a silver trophy.

The developer creates this game with limited resources to involve the player’s experience. You can find and use several items there for different purposes like combat enemies, restore health, and many more.

There are different categories of items you can find here: ammunition, sugar, blade, binding, alcohol, and explosives. These items are available in some buildings or through the drawers and cabinets. However, you can also create your own weapons from several materials, for example, Molotov cocktails.

5. Artificial Intelligence

While creating The Last of Us Remastered, Naughty Dog totally thinks about realism and believability. In this case, they prepare a good AI as much as they can to improve the player’s experience. Every character in this game has their own feelings. For example, while their friends die, they would be angry.

Some characters will also give a warning sign when dangerous things happen or appear near them. They create an AI called “Balance of Power” with the ability to adapt to some conditions and changes there. With this technology, each player might get a different experience according to which situations they made in their game.

If you adjust your strategy, you will be able to build a stronger team with better equipment. On Ellie and Joel’s journey, they will meet many partners that will work with them to survive. With a better AI, each player will have a chance to travel and utilize different strategies for their battle.

The Development

In thisThe Last of Us Remastered Reviewgame, the developer and their team really work hard to grow the character and make them look more human. The directors take the concept of the background from google image and art to improve an emotional tone in each scene. Books, films, and comics are few things that influence them to create “more than mere entertainment” games.

There are also available some new characters and new stories on this The Last of Us Remastered such as Marlene.  Just don’t skip to buy this game because, in the end, you will get a new ending, not like the old one. Above all, this game has an awesome storyline and there might be no one who could beat it.


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PlatformPlayStation 4
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