The term in the Poker Game that you must know

The term in the Poker Game that you must know

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Poker is one of the most popular card games. It is not uncommon for poker tournaments to be participated in by various people from all over the world. This game requires a mature strategy and of course luck. For those of you who want to learn about poker, there are several terms in the game of poker that you need to know.

Poker Terminology

  • Table:  each table has a different nominal. You must choose a table according to the capital you have
  • Pot: the number of bets collected in the centre of the table. The best value can be obtained if we have a better card combination than the opponent
  • Dealer: A bookie in the poker games
  • Small Blind: half of the total stake required
  • Big Blind: the total stake that must be placed
  • Community Card: cards that are opened on the table to find card combinations
  • Pre-Flop: the initial phase where players will get 2 ordinary cards called hole cards
  • The Flop: where players get 3 dealings
  • The Turn: where players get 1 community card dealt with a total of 4 cards in the middle of the table
  • The River: where players get 1 additional card dealt from the community card. So there will be 5 total cards in the middle of the table

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  • The Showdown: where all cards are opened to be compared and determine who will be the winner
  • Dealer Symbol: a symbol that shows that a player acts as a dealer. This symbol will move clockwise for each revolution. Each player will get this role
  • Check a term in which we will only see the cards that the dealer has dealt without having to raise the bet or discard the card. Check is done when we are not sure which card we have
  • Fold: a term that indicates you are not playing in one round. The amount of the bet lost is the last bet on the betting table
  • Call: the term in which we continue the game and participate in placing bets according to the previous bet
  • Raise: the term when we want to increase the stake. This is done when the player has good cards or is done for mere bluffing
  • All In: the term used when a player wants to increase the value of the bet according to the total chips he has

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