Why is Poker Illegal in Some Countries?

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why is poker illegal

Poker has a notorious reputation for its fun as well as its communities. You may be wondering why is poker illegal in some countries. There are so many reasons why this activity is illegal. And many countries have actually banned this game or this type of gambling activity. In this article, we will find out more on why is poker illegal in some countries and why it is still legal in some other countries. So stick with us to learn all about poker and hopefully you can find this article as very informative.

Why is Poker Illegal in Some Countries?

Why is Poker Illegal in Some Countries

Poker is a game that is based on skills, strategies, but most of all it is also based on luck. A player cannot keep on winning all the time because this is simply impossible to be done. Poker is illegal for a lot of reasons. One main reason or the first reason is that poker is based on gambling.

Everytime you want to play poker, there are not much places that will offer a free type of poker. Hence you actually have to spend a sum amount of money so that you can enjoy poker. When a person spends money on gambling, this makes they addicted as well as psychologically hooked onto the game.

As a result, people lose money and over time they become economically damaged. This affects the economy of that country. A study found out that gamblers in UK has actually went thru what is called as a mid life crisis that was caused by poker. This is one of the main reasons why is poker illegal.

Poker is Against Moral and Society Values

There are a huge number of places in the world that still bans this activity. Some of which are conservative countries such as Indonesia, Arab, Egypt, and other muslim based countries. There are some values within each of these conservative countries. And those values or rules are based on a religious tradition. That is why poker is against many people within the activity of gambling.

Is Poker Illegal in Every Country?

Poker is not illegal in every country. As a matter of fact, there are so many countries that still allows gambling. Some of which are asian countries as well as european and America. Gambling plays a big role in the economy of one’s country. There are many countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Berlin, and many more.

These countries are the epicenter of gambling. This is because they offer a lot of varieties and one of which is poker. Many people even come to that country to get a lot of entertainment. Especially in big cities such as Vegas and Macau, people tend to enjoy resorts that also offer a huge gambling arena.


That is all for today’s article. There are many reasons why poker is illegal such as the suryaqq gambling sites. Some of which is because this activity is against so many things in that country. Thank you for reading why is poker illegal article, see you next time.

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