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God of War Review – A game with an adventure theme that is looking very exciting and challenging to play. The player can play it with their friends. It is God of War, a game that chronologically takes the story of Norse mythology, and the one of ps4 game with the best story. The background for this Playstation 4 game is in Scandinavia first.

Logic skills, problem-solving and clear thinking from players will show in this game. Some things you can know about the Playstation 4 version of this exciting game.

God of War Review – Features

God of War Review - Features

From the God of War review, The story present in God of War is very interesting. When playing the Playstation 4 game, you will see how amazing the story, the world design of this game is. There are also stunning art models for briefing.

The music provided is also very appropriate to accompany the characters who are adventuring. This game features the story of Kratos and Atreus. There is a battle system that makes players angry and requires Atreus to complete the mission.

One of the Playstation 4 games that have a lot of fans, because the features share something good. The things that are given in this game are not necessarily found in other games. Players will never get tired of running this adventure-filled game.

1. Free Features in God Of War

This over-the-shoulder camera is a free feature. There are deviations from the previous game. On camera, this is full of cinematic remains, except for two-dimensional betrayals. Players will be impressed with shots in this game because they can be in sequence without any cuts.

There is also a feature that can quickly open a path with an existing key. There are many abilities that each character has in this game. This will make the player’s adventure even more interesting.

2. Full Player Control

This game is seen that the player can control the game to complete all missions without going out of line. The freedom given to control the character it plays can give players an advantage. Every aspect of this game is completely different from the others.

This game uses a weapon to fight with existing enemies. Unique weapons used will always return to their owner after destroying the enemy. The magic features in this game are very powerful. There are many magical things that players can do in carrying out the animated characters of this game.

In this game system, players will find time to defeat the enemy. So it takes concentration, focus, and accuracy in playing so that the mission can complete quickly. During the battles in this game, players can take advantage of various existing weapons.

3. Third person view

This game uses a third-person perspective in the sense of referring to the graphic design shown. There are gaps on the back and some at the top of the screen too. This makes it possible to see the animation displayed. All existing avatars will look more stunning and awesome.

The video uses different audio from another point of view. And this will make players feel the sensation of playing with various audio according to the existing animation position. This will make the game appear more real and challenging.

The display that is serving will also make the players more immersed in the game. There are several cameras used in a third-person perspective. Starting from a tracking camera that functions to follow every movement. The fixed camera will always look consistently in place.

There is also an interactive camera that will bring players’ adventures to life. This camera will also help players complete all existing missions so that they are visible.

4. Playable Player

The game is controlled directly by all available actions with the buttons that have been provided. It will catch the player’s attention. The features provided are very interesting.

Ease with which players can access all available actions makes them feel satisfied playing this game. The character used here can be a substitute for the player in the game to finish the game.

God of War ReviewGameplay

God of War Review - Gameplay

Having a role-playing model in this game makes it even more astonishing. Various activities carried out by the existing characters make the game even more exciting. Moreover, there are character skills that can be improved and make the game more colorful.

The facilities provided to players will make the game even more challenging. The components that are presenting in this game also vary. Everything provided here can be used as needed. Players will learn various skills that will make them stronger against existing enemies.

There are dancing items that players can have with their characteristics. The gameplay that is presented will be very entertaining for the players to play. This is because players can choose the desired object if they can go through all the missions.

1. Variety of Character Abilities

First, the Rage character has various abilities to finish existing battles. At this ability when the strength is weak, it will gradually increase. An ability like this can make a character named Kratos use attacks with his bare hands.

The power given is very strong and this ability can use it as a weapon against his opponent. Some resources can help players increase their character’s strength. Having the ability to make your armor will make it stronger against enemies.

There are two very special items that players can find in this game. Players can also learn combat abilities that make them even stronger. This ability can make the game run even more exciting.

2. Kratos As The Main Character

In the God Of War game, there is a stun meter that will make the enemy lose. The difficulties faced in this game are quite diverse. At each level, different enemies are presenting. It makes the game even scarier.

Number of characters featured in this game makes this game even more exciting and challenging. The character that will often play is Kratos, but players can play other characters to complete the game objectives. The other characters that in this game also have their advantages.

Here Kratos can throw and tear his enemies. In this God of War game, it depends on the existing context. If the player needs help, you can press a button to get help from Atreus. This son of Kratos will send a Talon Bow to fire at the enemy.

Remarkably, the arrow is rarely missing. The use of arrows in the game God of War can make enemies lose their health. At a minimum, his HP decreased and it can beat easily. At this time the Atreus game will help its players during combat, exploration, and exploration.

Players can also use Atreus’ help in solving existing puzzles. All activities in God of War can increase the player’s imagination and thinking ability. The fun of playing this is seeing Kratos take advantage of his opportunity to defeat his stronger enemies.

3. Atreus Ability

On Playstation 4 for the God of War game, there is Atreus if the player wants to enter another character. Not always Atreus can help players complete all existing missions. The character is famous for the Talon Bow that can also be very weak.

If Atreus currently helps players in defeating enemies, Atreus cannot fight in large numbers. This will make Atreus weak and lose his strength when many gangs upon him. There are also interesting things that Atreus gets when helping complete missions.

Increase skills due to acquiring new skills. There are also special arrows that can complement his arsenal and armor to protect Atreus. Not only that, there is Atreus’ ability to summon various animals. Start from the ability to summon wolves to squirrels.

The function of each animal that exists is also different. It all depends on the needs of the player in completing the mission. Its ability to slaughter all enemies with levels that are increasingly difficult to destroy.

The various arrows in this game like lightning arrows that are extremely powerful and amazing. Some squirrels can rob enemies of health and drain anger energy. Many other things will be found in God of War on this Playstation 4.

4. Combat Skills

If players had followed this game from the start, thinking skills increase and become better during combat. There are many things you can do as you play to earn points. The collection of these points will help players complete various missions.

At that time players can increase all the skills they have. When fighting against enemies and doing it several times will make players get used to it. Moreover, every time players can get and collect coins. This will make players find various other interesting things.

When a player can improve his fighting ability, that player can defeat his enemy easily. The various weapons provided can also be used properly. Defeating enemies and winning games is the most fun and satisfying thing.

It is the God of War game that is very captivating. This game will add to the player’s experience in strategizing. Many amazing things will find and get in games on this Playstation 4. This game will accompany boring leisure time to be fun. This game can be used as a reference in developing thinking power. The adventure that is serving here will entertain players and never give up to finish the game.

Game Details :

DeveloperReady at Dawn, SIE Santa Monica Studio, Javaground, Daybreak Game Company
PublisherCapcom, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
PlatformPlayStation 4
First ReleasedMarch 22, 2005‎
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